​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Natural Disaster Resilience Program 2018-19 


The 2018-19 NDRP competitive grant round is now open. 

Read the Ministerial Media Release here.

Applications close 4 pm, Friday 8 February 2019


The Western Australian and Commonwealth governments have a National Partnership Agreement for Natural Disaster Resilience that delivers the National Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP).

Applications are being sought from eligible organisations who will implement sustained resilience or disaster mitigation strategies that will directly benefit the WA community.  The goal is to prioritise projects that reduce identified risks and close capability gaps, in an effort to reduce future post-disaster funding needs.  Projects that work to enhance natural disaster resilience across the disabled, Indigenous and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities, and projects designed to attract, support and retain volunteers are encouraged.


Funds allocated to projects in the competitive grants round must be addressing at least one Commonwealth priority as outlined in the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience.

Projects must also be evidence-based, and meet the following project intent:

​1.   To assist​ eligible organisations to implement sustained resilience or disaster mitigation strategies that will directly benefit the WA community.​
​2.   To support projects that address the direct and indirect costs of disasters in an effort to reduce the future response and/or recovery spend.           
      ​These projects should:​​​
           a.  ​address extreme, high and medium risks identified as part of the SEMC's State Risk Project and/or​
           b.  address capability gaps identified through the SEMC's Emergency Preparedness reporting and/or​
           c.  build resilience by delivering projects that are informed by other objective, scientifically validated and documented analysis.​

Instructions for downloading and completing the Quick Eligibility Check and Application Form:

  1. Right click on the link​​​
  2. Select Save target/link as  
  3. Open the saved document in Adobe Reader
  4. Fill in the document and ensure you save any changes.


The minimum eligibility requirements are detailed in the Quick Eligibility Check.  You must meet every condition to be eligible to apply.

Who can apply?

  • Organisations and projects that meet the minimum eligibility requirements, referenced in the Quick Eligibility Check
  • Incorporated organisations with an ABN involved in Emergency Management, including Local and State Government agencies
  • Organisations willing to sign a Funding Agreement (refer Sample Funding Agreement​), that do not have any non-compliant NDRP, All West Australians Reducing Emergencies (AWARE) or ​​Mitigation Activity Fund (MAF) grants
  • Applicable organisations who suitably contributed to the 2017 or 2018 SEMC Emergency Preparedness report and who meet all minimum DFES or SEMC legislated requirements


Applications close 4 pm, Friday 8 February 2019


Applicants can request NDRP funding between $10,000 and $250,000 (no GST applied), with NDRP to account for no more than 50% total project cost.

Information for applicants

Before applying, it is important you meet the minimum eligibility requirements and understand the information, terms and conditions outlined within the Guidelines for Applicants and the Sample Funding Agreement.


How to apply

STEP 1                   Confirm your project and organisation eligibility with the Quick Eligibility Check

STEP 2                   Familiarise yourself with the Guidelines for Applicants and Sample Funding Agreement.

STEP 3                   Download, save and complete the Application Form*

STEP 4                   Send the completed application to ndrp@dfes.wa.gov.au

* Please ensure you save the application form before typing any data.  Any information entered before your document is saved will be lost.

​ Previous Rec​ipients​


​For information on the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, please contact: ndrp@dfes.wa.gov.au or on (08) 9395 9512.​