​Core Capabi​lity 

​Achievement Objective

​​​​​Land use planning​​4.1 Land use planning is in place to manage and minimise the impact of known risks.
​Ecosystem management 4.2 The natural buffers that aid community protection are identified, protected, monitored, maintained and/or enhanced.
​Infrastructure protection ​4.3 Plans are in place to identify and protect critical infrastructure, community assets and individual housing. 
4.4 Effective use of building codes is in place to mitigate potential hazards and insurance is considered as a treatment option. ​
​Essential services protection4.5 Planning for the continuity or rapid restoration of essential services are in place including: water, food distribution, power, sewerage, telecommunications, fuel and local government services.
​Minimise single points of failure 4.6 Exposure to hazards is limited through the minimisation of single points of failure and that mitigation options or redundancy planning are in place.
​Remoteness planning4.7 Emergency management planning takes account of emergencies occurring in remote areas of the s​tate.
​Business continuity planning ​4.8 Business continuity plans are in place across government, industry and business and consider hazard specific risks. 
​Community activiti​es ​4.9 Consideration i​s given to the protection and rapid re-establishment of community activities. This may include cultural and community events, sporting activities and schools​.

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