Core ​Capability

​​Achievement Objective

​​People5.1 Agencies have appropriate levels of trained, capable and supported people to effectively undertake all aspects of emergency management.
​Volunteering ​5.2 A clear strategy exists for the recruitment, retention and ongoing training of volunteers that addresses motivation and barriers. 
5.3 A strategy exists to manage G​ood Samaritans and spontaneous volunteers. ​
​Finance and administration5.4 Robust financial and administrative processes exist to capture and track emergency management expenditure. 
5.5 Funding for proactive measures and mitigation is available, sufficient and accessible. 
5.6 Adequate funding arrangements are in place to manage the response and recovery of a large scale emergency.​
​Equipment/critical resources​ ​5.7 Organisations have or can readily access appropriate infrastructure and equipment during an emergency.
5.8 Equipment can be mobilised during an emergency and plans are in place to address pre-deployment, peak surges and redundancies for outages.

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