​​​​​​​State Em​​ergency Management Exercise Fra​​mework

​​The State Emergency Management Exercise Framework is a Capability Based Exercise Program

Capability based exercising leverages off the SEMC emergency management Capability Framework which reflects the current best thinking on assessing preparedness within Western Australia. ​

​​In 2012 – SEMC stated "SEMC believes that adopting a capability based approach (rather than a response-centric focus), will ensure that assessment of preparedness extends to the full range of the emergency management spectrum, including the prevention and recovery phases."

The SEMC Capability Framework identifies a series of core capabilities and associated achievement objectives across the aspects of preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery. When informed by risk, the seven capability areas namely, Governance, Emergency Response, Resources, Community Involvement, Planning & Mitigation, Impact Management & Recovery, and Analysis & Continuous Improvement provide the 'common themes' to be exercised.

The State Exe​​rcise Model

The State EM Exercise Framework consists of:
  • ​​​​​​​​​​A continuous Emergency Management Agency (EMA) capability based Exercise program (Emergency Management Agencies include Hazard Management Agencies, Combat Agencies and Support Organisations as prescribed in the EM Regulations)
  • ​​​A State level exercise program, and
  • A State Exercise Coordination Team to provide support to the Hazard Management Agency and State exercise programs.

Both EMA Capability Based Exercise Program & State level exercise programs will be informed by the State Risk Project (Link to State Risk Project)

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State EM Ex​​​ercise Cycle

The capability based exercise program is a continuous business as usual exercise program that EMA's and District Emergency Management Committee's will conduct and report against to close self-assessed capability gaps.

  • Over a three year period, EMA's and local governments will conduct a capability analysis to identify which core capabilities pose the greatest risk to their capacity to respond, manage and recover from their hazards, or perform their support functions.
  • They will then develop and submit an exercise schedule to the SEMC informing how they will test and improve their capabilities against the relevant capability achievement objectives.
  • EMA's and local governments will conduct their capability based exercise programs, (which are matched against their and the States greatest risks), and are relevant to their hazards and/or roles. These exercises may be in a workshop, desktop, drill, functional or field exercise format.
  • Agencies will progressively report against their exercise schedules by way of standardised post exercise reports.
  • EMA exercise pr​​​ograms will continue to be resourced and funded by EMA's, support agencies and local governments as per existing arrangements.

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State Exercise Calendar

  • ​​​A State wide exercise calendar is being developed to enable agencies to consider opportunities to contribute to other agency or district exercises, enhance collaboration and reduce the duplication of effort.​ The State Exercise Calendar is currently under construction.