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​For current information relating to COVID-19 please visit: https://www.wa.gov.au/government/covid-19-coronavirus

If you suspect you may have COVID-19 coronavirus symptoms or may have had close contact with a person who has COVID-19 coronavirus, you should contact the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080

For up-to-date COVID-19 health and information and advice visit the Department of Health's Healthy WA website​


SEMC Business Unit

SEMC Business Unit coordinates communication on behalf of SEMC. ​​

 T:  08 9395 9771




​​The following contacts have specific SEMC related roles and responsibilities.

​SEMC ​Contact
​Grants Management Stephanie Underwood
E: stephanie.underwood@dfes.wa.gov.au​

T: 08 9395 9888​​​​​
​Excercise Management ​Mark Jeffs
E: mark.jeffs@dfes.wa.gov.au
T: 08 9395 9531
​Lessons Management and Assurance Annette Balmer
E: annette.balm​​er@dfes.wa.gov.au
T: 08 9395 ​9747
​SEMC Policy
(including the suite of State EM documents)
​Matt Verney​
Principal Policy Officer
E: matt.verney@dfes.wa.gov.au
T: 08 9395 9334

​Emergency Management Act 2005 queries ​Harinniya Bho​gal
Senior Legislation Officer
E: harinniya.bhogal@dfes.wa.gov.au​
T: 08 9395 9939
​State Risk Project ​Heather Taylor
Program Leader - Hazards Vulnerabilities and Risk
E: heather.taylor@dfes.wa.gov.au
T: 08 9395 9845
​Capability Framework ​Peta Turner
Program Leader - Capability and Resilience
E: peta.turner@dfes.wa.gov.au
T: 08 9395 9425
​DRFAWA​The new Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements have now commenced and are referred to as the DRFAWA in Western Australia.

The DRFAWA administrators can be contacted on
E: drfawa@dfes.wa.gov.au
T: 08 9395 9973
W: https://www.dfes.wa.gov.au/recovery/Pages/DRFA-WA.aspx
​State Recovery Coordinators ​Graham  Swift
State Recovery Coordinator
E: graham.swift@dfes.wa.gov.au
T: 08 9395 9440

Suellen Flint
Deputy State Recovery Coordinator
E: suellen.flint@dfes.wa.gov.au
T: 08 9395 9418


​District Emergency Management Advisors

​District Emergency Management Advisors provide whole of government emergency management services and works to enhance the safety of communities across Western Australia. Their strategic direction is to develop and improve the State's emergency management arrangements through capacity building, advisory and support services at district and local level.​



​​​Emergency Management District​District Emergency Management Adviser
​Central, East and South Metropolitan ​Merveen Cross
E: merveen.cross@dfes.wa.gov.au
M: 0427 996 676
​North Metropolitan ​Quinta La Rosa
E: quinta.larosa@dfes.wa.gov.au
M: 0417 892 694
​Goldfields-Esperance and Wheatbelt ​Yvette Grigg
E: yvette.grigg@dfes.wa.gov.au
M: 0488 907 187
T: 08 9690 2300
​Midwest-Gascoyne ​Brendan Wilson
E: brendan.wilson@dfes.wa.gov.au
M: 0408 843 907
T: 08 9956 6000
​Kimberley and Pilbara ​Helen Kent
E: helen.kent@dfes.wa.gov.au
M: 0409 415 256
T: 08 9158 3200
​South West ​Vik Cheema
E: vikram.cheema@dfes.wa.gov.au
M: 0429 688 130
T: 08 9780 1900
​Great Southern ​Adam Smith
E: adam.smith@dfes.wa.gov.au​
M: 0429 104 007
T: 08 9845 5000