​​​State ​​​​​​​​Emergency Management Framework. 

The State EM Framework comprises of legislation, policy, plans, procedures, guidelines and a governance structure to facilitate effective management of emergencies.​ For more information on the State's EM arrangements, principles, objectives, and hazard management structures see the EM Fundamentals webpage​. 

Legislation, Policy, Plans, Procedure a​​nd Guidelines

Emergency Management (EM) arrangements in Western Australia are established through the following legislation and policy framework, which incorporates the following suite of SEMC documents. Each document needs to be read in context of the other documents within the framework.

The current version of the State EM Policy, State EM Plan and State EM Procedures is v02.01.​  ​Some documents have alernate version numbers, which are located on the front cover and right hand side of each document footer. With regular updates to the documents ensure you are referring to the current version published on this website. 

Review schedules and details of amendments for each version released are available on the State EM Document Amendments webpage. ​

Emergency Management Legislation

EM in WA is underpinned by the State Emergency Management Act 2005 (the EM Act) and the State Emergency Management Regulations 2006.

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State Emergency Management Policy (State EM Policy)

The State EM Policy provides a strategic framework for emergency management in Western Australia and covers the aspects of Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

State Emergency Management Plan (State EM Plan)

Emergency Management Plans comprise of the State EM Plan, State Hazard Plans (Westplans), Support plans and National Plans.
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State Emergency Management Procedure

(State EM Procedure)

The State Emergency Management Procedures provide a step-by-step process for the completion of activities directed within State EM Policy.

State Emergency Management Guidelines

(State EM Gu​idelines)

In support of policy and procedures, these guidelines propose methods for conductiong activities and are not formal instructions.

State Emergency Management Glossary

(State EM Glossary)

The Emergency Management Glossary provides information on the range of terms and definitions encountered in emergency management, drawing together definitions from many existing sources.

EM Forms (password protected)

Click here to access the Emergency Management Forms. These forms are restricted for authorised emergency management personnel.

For any further information or assistance email semc.policylegislation@dfes.wa.gov.au