​​Procedure Attachments and Templates

State Emergency Management Procedures a​ttachments and templates are available on this page. The attachments and templates are divided into Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

​Prevention and Mitigation​

​​​State EM Prevent​ion and Mitigation Procedure 2.1

​Attachment 1: Western Australian Emergency Risk Management: PDF 2​.2 MB​​


State EM Preparedness Procedure 3.1

​Preparedness Template 1.1: Policy Communication and Marketing Strategy WORD 22 KB
​Preparedness Tempalte 1.2: SEMC Agenda WORD 352 KB
​Preparedness Template 1.3: Memorandum Requesting Revocation of State EM Policy WORD 30 KB

​State EM Preparedness Procedure 3.2

​Preparedness Template 2.1: Plan Communication and Marketing Strategy WORD 23 KB 
​Preparedness Template 2.2: SEMC Agenda WORD 351 KB

​State EM Preparedness Procedure 3.3

Preparedness Template 3.1: Plan Revocation Communication and Marketing Strategy​ WORD 22 KB
​Preparedness Template 3.2: Plan Revocation Report WORD 30 KB
​Preparedness Template 3.3: SEMC Agenda WORD 352 KB

​State EM Preparedness Procedure 3.4

​Preparedness Template 4.1: Supporting State EM Document Communication and Marketing Strategy WORD 22 KB
​​Preparedness Template 4.2: SEMC Agenda WORD 352 KB
​Preparedness Template 4.3: Memorandum Requesting Revocation of Supporting State EM Document WORD 31 KB

​State EM Preparedness Procedure 3.5

​Preparedness Template 5.1: Consultation Feedback Template WORD 344 KB


​State EM Recovery Procedure 5.4​

​Attachment 1: Impact Statement Template WORD 1.2 MB​

​Attachment 2: Impact Statement Guide PDF 1.1 MB​​​