​The Emergency Management Act 2005 (EM Act) provides for prompt and coordinated organisation of EM in this State. It formally establishes the SEMC and other bodies (such as the State Emergency Coordination Group (SECG) and the SEMC subcommittees), and details roles and responsibilities at a State, district and local-level in relation to the four aspects of emergency management i.e. PPRR. It also provides for additional powers to be available in particular circumstances.

The Emergency Management Regulations 2006 (EM Regulations) support the EM Act, and further detail roles and responsibilities. In March 2020 the EM Regulations were amended. A summary of these amendments is available on the State EM Documents amendments webpage. The updated regulations can be accessed via the link above.

​In addition to the Emergency Management Act 2005 (EM Act) and Emergency Management Regulations 2006 (EM Regulations), other legislation is applicable to hazard prevention and mitigation as outlined in the Hazards Prevention and Mitigation Legislation Table: Hazard Prevention and Mitigation Legislation pdf (228KB)