​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​State EM Document ​​​​​​​​​Amendments​ and Review Schedule

​Amendment Lists

The current version of the State EM Policy is v3.01; State EM Plan is v3.02 and State EM Procedure is v3.01.  ​​Some documents may have alternate version numbers, which are located on the front cover and right hand side of each document footer.

​​Title​​Summary of Amendments​Publication Date​File ​Size (download) 
Amendment List State Emergenc​y Management Documents January 2022​Statement of fact amendments to EM Forms 10A; 17A ​January 2022PDF 112KB

​​A​​​mendments List State Emergency Management Documents - December 2021

Extended Appendix AA (COVID-19 Recovery arrangements) in Policy and Plan
​​Initial publication of State Hazard Plans: Collapse, Earthquake and Severe Weather (Interim)
Comprehensive reviews completed for State Hazard Plans:  Tsunami; Maritime Environmental Emergencies
Accessible redesigns completed for State Hazard Plans: Energy Supply Disruption; HAZMAT Annex B SPRED
​December 2021PDF 277KB
Amendments List State Emergency Management Documents - October 2021​​​Incident Level Declaration review amendments to State EM Plan, Procedures and EM Form 23
Accessible redesigns completed for State Hazard Plans: Crash, Heatwave and Human Biosecurity and State Support Plan - Emergency Public Information
​October 2021  PDF 256KB​

​Amendments L​ist State Emergency Management Documents - May 2021​ (Published in June 2021) 

Accessible redesigns completed for State EM Policy, Plan, Procedure and Glossary. State Hazard Plan - HAZMAT Annex A Nuclear Powered Warship, State Support Plan - Animal Welfare in Emergencies and WA Managing Exercises Guideline​May 2021​ (Published in June 2021) PDF 225 KB
Amendments List State Emergency Management Documents - March 2021 Amendments from ​State EM Preparedness Procedures 1-5 review​March 2021 PDF 217 KB
V02.06 ​Amendments List - December 2020​​Amendments from the WA Community Evacuation Guideline comprehensive review​December 2020​​PDF 495 KB
​Amendments List SHP MEE v01.03 - September 2020 ​Amendments to reflect 2020 EM Act and EM Reg updates within the State Hazard Plan -Maritime Environmental Emergencies​September 2020​PDF 436 KB
​​V02.05 Amendments List - August 2020 ​Statement of fact amendments to State EM Policy and Plan Appendix AA (COVID-19 recovery arrangements
Comprehensive Review of State Hazard Plan - HAZMAT SPRED
​August 2020 PDF 171 KB
​Emergency Management Forms V3.0 Amendments List - August 2020 ​Statement of fact amendments to EM forms 1-22.  ​August 2020 PDF 335 KB

​V02.04 Amendments List - July 2020 

Appendix AA (COVID-19 recovery arrangements) inserted into State EM Policy and State EM Plan.  
Inital publication of State Support Plan - Emegency Welfare (Interim)
​July 2020 PDF 220KB
​V02.03 Amendments List - June 2020 Amendments to reflect 2020 EM Act and EM Reg updates within State EM Policy, Plan, and Procedures and State Hazard Plans: Crash, HAZMAT, Heatwave, Human Biosecurity and Seach and Rescue. ​June 2020 PDF 1.2MB​​
​Emergency ​Management Amendment (COVID-19 Response) Bill 2020 Amendment List - April 2020
Amendments to clarify and remove barriers in the existing provisions that are impeding the COVID-19 response and future emergencies. 
Insertion of section 72A as a sunset clause to allow relevant offices to direct a person or class of persons to take any action resonably necessary. 
EM Regulations - interserted allow the issuing of infringement notices for the offence of failure to comply with a direction
​April 2020PDF 221KB
​​Emergency Management Regulations Amendment List - March 2020 ​Prescription of Hostile Act and Heatwave as hazards and prescription of HMAs
Amendments to HMA prescription for MEE and Human epidemic
Inclusion of DFES as a combat agency for fire suppression
March 2020PDF 256 KB
​V02.02 Amendment List - October 2019 October 2019 PDF 130 KB
​Amendment List - August 2019  August 2019  PDF 217 KB​
​V02.01 Amendment List - May 2019  May 2019PDF 423 KB
​V02.00 ​Amendment List - December 2018​​December 2018PDF 335 KB
​V01.04 ​Amendment List - May 2018 May 2018 PDF 365 KB
​​V01.03 Amendment List SEMC Suite of Documents - December 2017 December 2017 PDF 367 KB

​​V1.2 Amendment List SEMC Suite of Documents - August 2017  

August 2017  PDF 303 KB

​​V1.1 Amendment List SEMC Suite of Documents - December 2016 

December 2016 PDF 234 KB


Review Schedule​

​​Docum​​​entCu​rrent ​Version​Comprehensive Review Required
​State EM Policy3.01​June 2026
​State EM Plan
3.02June 2026
State EM Procedures3.01June 2026
​State EM Glossary
​​June 2026
​SHP -  Animal and Plant Biosecurity​​2.00​August 2026
​SHP - Collapse​1.00​​December 2026
​SHP - Crash Emergency2.00​August 2023
​SHP - Earthquake​1.00​December 2026
​SHP - Energy Supply Disruption2.00​December 2023
​SHP - Fire1.01November 2024
​SHP - HAZMAT​1.02​August 2023
​SHP - HAZMAT Annex A - NPW​3.00​March 2026
​​​SHP - HAZMAT Annex B - SPRED​3.00​August 2025
​SHP - Hostile Act​1.00August 2026​
​SHP - Heatwave2.00​May 2023
​SHP - Human Biosecurity2.00​May 2023
​SHP - Maritime Environmental Emergencies2.00December 2026 
​SHP - Search and Rescue Emergency​1.05​August 2023
​SHP - Severe Weather (Interim)​0.01​October 2022
​SHP - Terrorist Act​1.07​August 2021
​SHP - Tsunami​2.00​December 2026

​​​SSP - Animal Welfare in Emergencies​2.00December 2024
​SSP - Emergency Public Information
2.00​​December 2023
​SSP - Emergency Welfare
1.01 (Interim)​​​July 2021
​​All Hazards Evacuation Flagging Guideline WA2.00​May 2021 
​DEMC Administrative Guide2.01​October 2017 (Currently under review)
​LEMA Guideline and Model​2.02May 2021
​​Local Recovery Guidelines3.00March 2026
Traffic Management During Emergencies Guideline2.00May 2021 (Currently under review)
​WA Community Evacuation in Emergencies Guide​3.00Dec 2025
WA Managing Exercises Guideline​2.00​May 2021


Contact semc.policylegislation@dfes.wa.gov.au with any questions related to the above amendments or review schedule.