​​​​2017 Resilient Australia Awards

The 2017 State Award Ceremony was held on the 1 November 2017 during the 10th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference 2017 at The University Club of Western Australia. The SEMC Chair, Dr Ron Edwards announced the winners. 

Resilient Australia Photography Award:​ the 2017 People's Choice winning photograph online voting system.

"Rescue at Last Light" was taken by Department of Fire and Emergency Services photographer Lurline Byles. 

In this photo, a highly skilled Critical Care Paramedic winches down from a hovering helicopter to assist a life raft of casualties stranded in the icy waters off the WA coast. Once in the raft, he will have the tough decision of who is in more medical danger and needs immediate attention. 

Although this is only an exercise, emergency services workers are often placed in dangerous and potentially life threatening situations. 

Volunteers have built an incredible resilience to these hazardous conditions by undertaking challenging training scenarios, such as this one with Naturaliste Marine Rescue and the RAC Rescue Helicopter.​​​​


Resilient Australia Community Award:


​Rangelands NRM for "Taking Back Control of Fire on the Dampier Peninsula"

The Dampier Peninsula is a unique part of the Kimberley stretching 220kms north from Broome. The single biggest threat to life, property, biodiversity, cultural sites and productive land systems is unmanaged late season wildfire. The majority of the Peninsula burns almost annually from late season wildfires. 

​Rangelands NRM were successful in bringing together key parties (Indigenous Ranger groups, pastoralists and DFES) to identify and determine a solution to this problem. Working together, sharing burn plans and identifying critical spots has resulted in the best mosaic of early season burning in decades. 

The project w​​as funded by the 2016-17 All West Australians Reducing Emergencies (AWARE) program. 

L-R: Dr Ron Edwards with Rangelands NRM Program Leader Greg Mackay (Northern Rangelands) and Director Mark Batty.

Resilient Australia Government Award:

City of Mandurah for the "Equi-Evac Network Centre"

The Equi-Evac Centre Network is an evacuation planning project designed to assist the equestrian community in managing and protecting horses in times of disaster. 

The successful outcomes of this project included raising awareness and empowering community members to care for animals in emergencies, and, informing local government emergency management and animal welfare plans. 

The project was funded by the 2016-17 All West Australians Reducing Emergencies (AWARE) program and facilitated by the City of Mandurah. 

The project was shortlisted as a national finalist and on 23 November 2017, in a ceremony in Sydney, was successful in winning the National Award.

​L-R: Dr Ron Edwards with Project officer Naomi Dekker and City of Mandurah Coordinator Emergency Management Myra Giardini


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