​WA​​NDRRA Claim Forms and Notes for Local and​ State Government bodies​

The following is provided to assist local and state government bodies in the completion of the required documentation for a claim for reimbursement of expenditure on eligible measures under the Western Australia Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (WANDRRA)


  • Counter Disaste​r Operations (CD Ops) Expenses W​​​orksheet

These worksheets are completed in place of an invoice and are for the purpose of claiming reimbursement for 'overtime' and/or additional usage of local and state government 'owned' plant equipment.

CD Ops Expenses Worksheet - LG and SGA Template (Excel 39 KB)

  • ​​Claim Form Summary Sheet

This sheet should be completed by entering the required details from each 'paid' invoice in the appropriate table of this sheet.

Category 'B' Claim Form Summary Sheet  - Template (Excel 34 KB)

  • ​Claim Form NDRRA003​-AB

Upon completion of the abovementioned documents, the totals shown in the tables on the Claim Form Summary Sheet should then be transferred to the Claim Form NDRRA003-AB. An authorised employee must attend to the Certification section of this form by completing the Accountable Officer Sign Off box. Note: This claim form must be printed on Local Government/ State Government Agency letterhead.

Cl​aim Form NDRRA003-AB (Excel 48 KB


The following documentation is required to be submitted to OEM​​​​​​​ for assessment and reimbursement of eligible measures:

  1. Claim Form NDRRA003-AB (ensuring that this claim form is printed on LG/SGA letterhead – don't be too concerned however about overtype)
  2. Claim Form Summary Sheet
  3. Invoices – including CD Ops Expenses Worksheets - copies of all invoices being claimed must be provided and should be submitted in the same order they appear on the Claim Form Summary Sheet. Note: As WANDRRA is a reimbursement scheme, only invoices that have been paid will be eligible to be claimed.


In addition to the above, the following banking details should be provided to OEM so as to facilitate the payment of any WANDRRA claim to a nominated account by electronic funds transfer:

  • ABN
  • Bank Name Address
  • BSB Number
  • Nominated Bank Accoun​​​t Number (for remittance)
  • Name of 'above' account​