Each defined and prescribed hazard has a dedicated Westplan that outlines the arrangements on how to manage that hazard across the PPRR spectrum. Westplans are available below.

The SEMC has delegated responsibility for the development, maintenance, review and exercising of relevant Westplans to the agencies prescribed as HMAs in Part 3 of the EM Regulations.




State Hazard Plans (Westplans)​

State Hazard Plan - Animal and Plant Biosecurity PDF - 363 KB​​​Westplan Human Epidemic PDF - 516 KB 
Westplan Collapse PDF - 638 KB​​​Westplan Liquid Fuel Supply Disruption PDF -  314 KB
State Hazard Plan - Crash Emergency PDF - 1.2 MB State Hazard Plan - Maritime Environmental Emergencies PDF - 855 KB
Westplan Cyclone PDF - 948 KB State Hazard Plan - Search and Rescue Emergency PDF - 1.6 MB
Westplan EarthquakePDF  728 KB​​Westplan Storm PDF - 600 KB
​Westplan Electricity Supply Disruption PDF - 1.2 MB​State Hazard Plan - Tsunami PDF - 59​6 KB 
​Westplan Flood PDF - 952 KBState Hazard Plan - Terrorist Act (restricted access) 
State Hazard Plan - Fire (Interim)  PDF​ - 374 KB 
​Westplan Gas Supply Disruption PDF - 1.4 MB 
​​​​State Hazard Plan - Heatwave PDF - 461 KB 
​State Hazard Plan - Hazardous Materials Emergencies [HAZMAT] PDF - 1.3 MB​​
  • Annex A: Radiation Escape from a Nuclear Powered Warship (NPW) PDF - 703 KB​​
  • Annex B: Space Re-Entry Debris (SPRED) PDF - 556 KB​​


 A process is underway to convert all Westplans in to State Hazard Plans, and to amalgamate similar Westplans into one plan. This process is occurring over in a staged approach over a period of time. As they become available, the new State Hazard Plans will be made available and the corresponding Westplan/s will be removed. Copies of removed Westplans will be available upon request.​