After the emergency​​

The emer​gency management aspect that occurs after the emergency is 'recovery'. This includes measures taken to re-establish the normal pattern of life of individuals, families and communities that have been affected by an emergency.



​National principles for disaster recovery

The Emergency Management Act 2005 defines Recovery as the support of eme​​​rgency affected communities in the reconstruction and restoration of physical infrastructure, the environment and community, psychosocial and economic wellbeing.


​Successful recovery relies on these six principles:

• understanding the context

• recognising complexity

• using community-led approaches

• ensuring coordination of all activities

• employing effective communication

• acknowledging and building capacity



This link provides more information about the National Principles for Disaster Recovery.


​ ​Recovery strategies and activities may include:

​• Restoring essential services

• Public Information

• Providing Temporary Housing 

• Providing Counselling programs

• Managing public appeals

• Restoring Public Assets

• Financial support and assistance

• Economic impact studies

• Initiating reconstruction tasks

• Long term medical support



​E​​mergency management policies associated with AFTER the emergency includes: