​​​During the emergency

​The Emergency management aspect that occurs during the emergency is 'response'. The aim of response is to provide immediate assistance to maintain life, improve health and support th​e morale of the affected population. The focus in the response phase is on meeting the basic needs of the people until more permanent and sustainable solutions can be found.



​​​Response strategies and activities:

The Emergency Management Act 2005 defines Response as combating of the effects of an emergency, provisions of emergency assistance for casualties, reduction of further damage, and helps to speed recovery.

• Implementing Response Plans

• Search and Rescue operations

• Broadcasting Warning Messages

• Emergency Declarations

• Conducting Evacuations

• Activating Coordination or Evacuation Centres

• Informing Higher authorities

• Mobilising resources

• Providing immediate relief

• Providing medical support

• Undertaking Damage Assessments


​ ​Emergency management policies associated with DURING the emergency include:

​ ​

State EM Policy

State EM Plan

State EM Procedure